Meeting Days and Times.

Jason and Nancy Smith

Every Wednesday
The Smith small group meets in their home
Wednesday evenings @ 6 pm. 
Contact Jason or Nancy for more info.
Jason: 803-287-0352
Nancy: 803-287-0150

Lee and Cynthia Robinson

Every Sunday
The Robinson small group meets every
Sunday evening @ 5 pm.
Contact Lee and Cynthia for more info.
Lee: 803-287-7297

Bryant and Kristen Blakley

Every Other Wednesday
The Blakley small group meets every other Wednesday night in their home in the Edgewater Neighborhood at 6pm.
Contact Bryant or Kristen for more info.
Bryant: 803-246-7037
Kristen: 803-447-7612

Rob and Kristen Dickson

Every Other Friday
The Dickson small group meets every other Friday in their home at 6pm near 521 and Shiloh Unity Road in Lancaster.
Contact Rob or Kristen for more info.
Rob: 803-280-0059
Kristen: 803-577-9462